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Tacoma Filthy Animal Dog and  cat grooming, Cat Bathing, dog bathing, Lakewood Grooming

Tacoma & Lakewood pet grooming,daycare and boarding.
Offering quality and affordable dog and cat grooming in the
Lakewood and Tacoma area. 

Pet grooming, Cat groomer, Dog grooming, Tacoma Pet Grooming, Lakewood pet grooming, Tacoma dog grooming, Tacoma and Lakewood area.


Full Service Bathing
includes bath, nails, ears and glands

Full Service Grooming
includes hair cut, bath, nails, ears and glands

Call for an estimate
(depends on breed, hair texture or length and what you want done)


Full Service Bathing
Includes Bath, Nails and Ears

Full Service Bath With Sanitary Clip
Includes Bath, Nails, Ears and Sanitary Hair cut

Ask about our pick up and drop off service for both dogs and cats