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Tacoma Filthy Animal Dog and  cat grooming, Cat Bathing, dog bathing, Lakewood Grooming

Tacoma & Lakewood pet grooming,daycare and boarding.
Offering quality and affordable dog and cat grooming in the
Lakewood and Tacoma area. 

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Small Dog Shave Down

Includes a basic hairvut #10 all over option to leave ears and tail, nails, ears and glands.

Small Dog Short Body Styled Face

Includes #10 all over except styled face and tail, nails, ears and glands.

Small Dog Long Body and Styled Face

Includes all longer hair cuts #5,#4 or Clipper Comb, nails, ears and glands.

Short Coat Bath Dog

Includes Bath, Nails, Ears and Glands

(up to 50#)

Special Breed Cuts
(Schnauzers, Cockers, Springers, Standard Poodles, Chow, ect)

Includes Haircut of owners choice and nails, ears and glands.

Wash & Go
(for pets with anxiety or that don't like the dryer)

Owner brings towel. Includes Bath and Nails and pet leaves out the door no drying time and owner waits for pet.